Father to three great children, skydiver, wingsuiter, BASE jumper, motorcyclist, vintage motorsports enthusiast, amateur mechanic, all-around adrenaline junkie and gearhead. That about sums me up!


Finished Cart (1)

I just finished building a rolling cart for my workshop – nicknamed the “Ox-Cart.” I constructed this cabinet so that I have a place for my OpenBuilds Ox CNC machine. The CNC machine has a footprint of approximately 30-in by 40-in, so I built to cart to have a 31-in x 48-in top. It is on locking casters so that I can move it around my garage, and so that I can get to the built-in ...[Read More]



The CNC “Ox in a box” kit that I purchased comes with everything except the electronics controller and a spoilboard. So that means that I needed to make my own spoilboard. I basically just followed the plans provided by OpenBuilds (link), but created my own drawings using imperial measurements. Instructions (PDF) SketchUp 2015 Model (SKP)

Monsoon Radio

Firebird Head Unit

Many things about the Fiero’s interior leave a lot to be desired. One of those things is the dated stock stereo. It does not have any way to play modern media  – CDs, MP3s, or support for external devices. To rectify this for the short-term (until I do a complete rebuild of the interior), I ordered a Firebird Monsoon radio head unit. This unit is a huge step up from the stock Fiero hea ...[Read More]

Orange Boogie – 3-way RW

Turning some points in a 3-way RW jump with Greg and Ryan. We were doing a sidebody/fly-through rotation, and it worked well. Good jump!

Orange Boogie – Gainer exits from a Casa

This was supposed to be a 6-way jump that where we built a hybrid. We started off well with three sets of 2-way gainer exits – but then I sunk out of the formation. Awesome exits, and still a fun jump!

Orange Boogie – 4-way Hybrid

This is our awesome 4-way hybrid sunset jump! It built in 20-seconds by 11,800 feet (Brian’s altimeter is visible when he starts to hang), and then we held it for the next 28-seconds before our hanger breaks off. A complete success on the jump, and then I even managed to kick the beer stacked in the peas!

Orange Boogie – Tracking Dive

This was a 5-way tracking dive with Brian leading. We got a little off-heading, but everyone was able to land safely back at the DropZone.

Heaven is a Skydive at Sunset

Skydive at Sunset

This beautiful photo was captured from Brian’s GoPro during our hybrid jump for the sunset load during the 2014 Big O Boogie

My First Wingsuit Jump from a Dragonfly

Thanks to my friends over at Quest Air Hang Gliding, I had the opportunity to jump from the Dragonfly airplane! It was a low-ish jump from just 8,000 feet, but it was really a blast! (note: this is a dual-seat training plane with a different FAA designation, so it was also a legal jump)