Tear-down and Test-Fit

Tear-down and Test-Fit

I have been working to disassemble the stock Fiero GT body and have gotten everything except the rear clip removed. At this point, I started modifying the Fiero chassis to allow for the new Lizardo front-clip. You can see from this test-fit photo that I have a bit more cutting and grinding to do, but this is definite progress!

CNC Hello World!

CNC Hello World

My CNC machine is finally alive! This “Hello” cut is my very first cut from a file on the machine. I have spent the past couple of weeks working on soldering, wiring, and configuring the machine. I just got the limit switches yesterday, so today was the first time I could really run a full program.


Finished Cart (1)

I just finished building a rolling cart for my workshop – nicknamed the “Ox-Cart.” I constructed this cabinet so that I have a place for my OpenBuilds Ox CNC machine. The CNC machine has a footprint of approximately 30-in by 40-in, so I built to cart to have a 31-in x 48-in top. It is on locking casters so that I can move it around my garage, and so that I can get to the built-in ...[Read More]